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I've got my permit....I suck at driving XD
Noni's cookies are fucking amazing, even two months after shipped....hahaha
GS cookie time...my mom wants me to see all of our cookies at school which pisses me off cuz I dont want to deal with that, plus I LOVE our cookies.
I miss my dahling...but I'll hopefully be seeing her for a month this summer!!
Achieved straight A's quarter 2 which is awesome.  Midterms weren't so hot, but thats alright.  Semester grades were overall pretty good.  My lowest grade was a B+
Picked classes for next year... I plan on taking French IV H, English 11 H, Pre calc H, American History II H, Concert Band H, 1960's H, Chemistery CP, Photo 3, Music Theory and yoga plus exit 51, music lesson and possibly best buddies...Craziness next year!! haha but thats alright cuz I'll survive
I haz a new laptop...it's an acer 5532 and it is awesome :)  The only thing I dont like about it is that it only has a touchpad and that windows 7 is kind of a fail...but thats alright cuz everything else is awesome
I haz a new ipod :)  Green nano fourth gen (the ones without cameras)
I can play alto saxamaphone now :)  I suck at it, but thats alright
Thinking about learning Oboe too...Okeefe says we need more and we've got teachers...Oboes on my list of instruments to learn too....or maybe french horn...Okeefe REALLY wants more french horn players...and bassoon, but I don't really want to learn bassoon....idk I'll figure it out.  Maybe I can borrow an oboe during the summer from masco then get together with brooke weekly and have her teach me some stuff...Then come fall I could play!  That would be nice...plus it'd be coole to be able to play it too.  I'd still love flute and all, but idk...maybe....I may just love flute too much...Maybe I could decide on the song?  Hahahaha I'll just have to pick and choose I suppose...still take flute lessons for sure, that way I'll still be playing.  And get the band music for flute, that way I can still play the band stuff.  We'll see is all I can say I suppose...
I have a new bed now.  It's...used, to put it nicely....but I'll be able to sit on my bed which will be nice...
Paige is back in school and seems to be doing a thousand times better...I'm so happy for her...she's been through lots of shit, and when I find out who put her through all that pain and misery, I swear to god I will kill them kick their asses.  No one hurts my friends, especially not as much as they hurt her.
Relay stuff is coming along...it's still kinda crazy but...idk...it's a work in progress.  Plus relay is at masco now so it's gonna be so much better :)
Ok well time for ice cream!  Woot lots of yumminess!! :)

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